Height: 5’3’’

Hair: Dark Brown

Weight: 105 lbs 

Eyes: Brown

Represented by Innovative Artists Talent and Literary Agency, LA

Management: Lance Macdonald (Gartner Group Entertainment)


Film / TV

  • Pride of Texas /Co Star (Caitlyn)

​​​​​DISNEY It’s a Laugh Productions

  • Raven’s Home / Guest Star (Sasha)
             DISNEY It’s a Laugh Productions

  • Whitewash / Lead
          Open Peach Pictures (dir. Lida Nasseri)


  • Lottery Bitch / Lead
          Ramsey Productions (dir. Leo Ramsey/DP:Andy Lemon)


  • Vampire Couch Trip / Lead
          ImprovCity Films (dir. Devin Dugan)


  • Soul Dance / Lead
          UCLA TFT Short Film (dir. Stefan Wanigatunga)


  • Hat 2 Da Back / Lead  
          UCLA TFT Short Film (dir. Mikayla Lyles)


  • Eerie Movements / Lead  
          UCLA TFT Short Film (dir. Michael Sherman)


  • Stalker / Lead
    UCLA Extension Student Film (dir. Mick Wolf Toft) 

Web Series

  • BUZZFEED: Try Guys / Featured Try Guys: Immigration Buzzfeed Productions

  • Saffron n’ Rose Roxy / Rose S. Fatemi Productions
    (dir. Aleix Massot)


  • Drunk HerStory / Featured Brand Knew Productions
    (dir. Bre Vergess)


  • Paradise / Yasmeen al-Hamadi 
            Matrix Theatre / JuVee Productions (Viola Davis) dir. Vic Bulluck

  • Trojan WomenHecuba - Queen of Troy
          UCLA Theatre (dir. Angela A. Lopez)


  • Dead Man’s Cellphone / Hermia
          Act III Ensemble (dir. Anna Mader)


  • Othello / Bianca
          UCLA Shakespeare Company
          (dir. Margaret Starbuck)


  • I Was Hamlet / Women of the Gallows
          Hollywood Fringe Festival (dir. Angela A. Lopez)


  • The Automobile Graveyard / Dilla
          UCLA Theatre (dir. Darcie Crager)


  • The Cocoanuts / Penelope Martin
             Woodbridge Theatre (dir. Devin Dugan)

Education & Training

  • University of California, Los Angeles

          B.A. in Theater – Acting, School of Theater,

          Film and Television

          Auditioning Technique: Michael Donovan

          Acting: Tim Robbins (Commedia dell’ Arte),            Jean-Louis Rodrigue (Alexander), Sheryl Lee            (Acting for Camera), Judy Moreland,                      April Shawhan, Michael Hackett  

          Voice and Speech: Joel Goldes, Paul Wagar
          Amy Chaffee

           Movement/Combat: Tom Orth, Sifu Ed                       Monaghan, Tom O’Connor

           Dance:  Ballet – Nicholas Gunn (2 yrs) / HipHop --                    Focus Dance Center, Irvine (1 yr.)

              Private Voice: Gisa Vatcky (Mezzo Soprano)

  • LESLY KAHN & COMPANY: Comedy Intensive'19

  • CONAN Summer Internship – Casting Department
    (Vana Dabney & Ric Enriquez)

  • University of California, Irvine Acting Intensive Academy
            Acting: Anthony Simone

                 Movement: Amani Dorn
    Voice: Bri McWhorter
           Shakespeare: Bree Murphy

Special Skills

  • Former Competitive Club Soccer

  • Some Guitar/Violin

  • Some Volleyball

  • Basic Yoga 

  • Basic Kickboxing

  • Languages: Conversational Farsi, German; Dialects/Accents (RP British, Cockney, Persian, Brooklyn)

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